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A kid-friendly alternative to TikTok

Same fun, filled with educational value. Choose Swiplo for positive, engaging, and enriching content for your kids.
Discover a Safe Haven: A Kid-Friendly Alternative to TikTok, Free from Harmful Content!
Explore a safe, kid-friendly TikTok alternative. Let your child create and connect worry-free. Join us in shaping a positive digital space!
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We eliminate all dangers of social media

Risk of sexual, violent, and harmful content
Explicit language and dangerous challenges
Sensitive data tracking and collection
Risk of children sharing personal information
Cyberbullying, online harassment, and inappropriate interactions
100% safe and positive content
No data or personal information collected
No advertising or commercial content
No messaging or comments
Kids protected from social media and stranger harms

Thoroughly curated content for the ultimate fun with lasting value

Every video your kid watches on Swiplo is thoughtfully reviewed by both, advanced algorithms and caring professionals, ensuring safe and engaging viewing experience while promoting positive and healthy growth
Positive entertainment
Content tailored to engage kids into positive and uplifting fun time
Educational enrichment
Seamlessly enhance your kid's fun time with captivating educational videos on different topics
Creative inspiration
Spark imagination with exciting tutorials on a wide range of interests like crafts, dancing, cooking, and many more
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Happy parents and kids use Swiplo
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Our Journey to Protect Kids from Online Risks

Guide your kid’s digital journey with smart features

Tailor content to your preference

Swiplo provides customizable filters, allowing you to tailor your kid’s feed according to:
Various interests
Educational topics
Content type

Discover your kid's biggest interests

With Swiplo, you can always stay in tune with your kid’s interests. Easily gain insights about:
Watch time for each topic
Top interests
New and growing interests
Educational value of content

Easily manage screen time

We understand that limiting screen time is just as important as ensuring safe content. With Swiplo parental controls, you can:
Set a time limit for app use
Lock the app manually
Protect settings and content filters with a password
Swiplo is for that calm hour or two we all need
With so many things to do and so little free time, we understand that being a parent nowadays can sometimes be overwhelming. Those precious one or two hours a day become priceless yet challenging to find when you have little ones running around. With Swiplo, everything changes. Let your child enjoy safe and positive content while you:
Run errands or do chores
Relax and take some alone time
Work or pursue professional development
Spend time on your hobbies or exercise
Do anything...

Why parents choose Swiplo

Marilyn T.
Mom of two
"This app is a lifesaver! My kids adore the curated educational content, and I'm thrilled they're learning while having fun."
Marley D.
Mom of three
"Finally, an app I can trust! The predefined content ensures my kids only access age-appropriate material, and the educational content is top-notch."
Cheyenne K.
Mom of one
“I'm impressed! This app has made learning fun for my kids. The curated content is diverse and engaging, and as a parent, I appreciate the peace of mind knowing they're safe online."
from 5 200+ reviews
Why parents choose Swiplo
Aubrey T.
Mom of two
"I used to let my sons scroll through TikTok so I could get some quiet time. But when one of them asked me what a Tide pod tastes like because he saw someone eat it on TikTok, my heart dropped and I knew I needed to ban it. Swiplo became my lifesaver as my sons are just as entertained, and I am fully calm."
Ellie D.
Mom of three
"I finally can enjoy a quiet hour to read or relax while my daughters are happily watching their favorite videos. It's made such a difference in our daily routine!"
Kim N.
Mom of one
"My son was hooked on TikTok, and I was always stressed about what he might see. Since we switched to Swiplo, I can finally relax knowing he's only watching safe, positive content."
Lily S.
Mom of one
"My son has always been crazy about animals. He watches various videos every day and shares new facts with me all the time. I love that I don't have to worry about him accidentally falling into the rabbit hole of not kid-friendly content."
Zoey T.
Mom of one
"Swiplo has truly ignited a love for drawing in my daughter. She watches the tutorials and practices daily. It's amazing to see how passionate she's become!"
Madison J.
Mom of two
"Cooking dinner is so much easier now. With Swiplo, my kids are entertained and engaged, giving me the time to focus on meals and other chores without interruptions. It's fantastic!"

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